Truecolor Doomtest .exe/source - test release

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Truecolor Doomtest .exe/source - test release

Post by Bruce777999 » Sep 13th, 2012, 15:38



+GL backend should work now on older and onboard hardware.
+idlsd is now back with a vengeance
+automap fade/color strobing enabled
+source is available for download

This is an unofficial test(no release) since so many things still need to be done.
This version of Doomtest is the one with the GL-/ and Software- scaling backend.
(Just run doomtest.exe or doomtest_gl.exe)
The additional directory 'wad' can be ignored though you can rename the unfinished .lit files from _"mapname".lit to "mapname".lit to make them work - beware that lighting your level this archaic way is a LOT of work and a MAP01.lit will be used for any map01 entry -> a custom and an original map in Doom2 currently will use the same .lit file.

All render limits have been increased partially due to increase of visplane usage in extended mode.

Keypad '+' switches between classic/classic smooth/extended render mode

[.EXE Link/Pass]

[Source Link/Pass]

[Source Info]
-a snapshot
-the name DoomNX is just a dev name(Dreamcast who?)
-the project is in VisualStudio2005 format
-it requires MASM(included in full edition)
-many things are not in their proper form yet
-all input/ideas welcome(PM)

[Known issues]
-composite textures that have zero length patches or out of bound patches crash(e.g. trinity college or TNT maps featuring crate textures containing oversized vine/blood patches)
-render mode selection won't get saved as of now
-in multiplayer all players are green

[Megawad Preview]
As a goodie you get the first 3 levels of my megawad as an added bonus.


Input/thoughts/etc. for both Doomtest and the Megawad preview can be posted in this thread.

[Thanx to]
id - for removing the bore from games,
Fraggle "The Man" - for providing such a wonderful base,
Maes - for sparing me from a heinous bug,
all Doomers for keeping the faith

!Enjoy your demos and play time!

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