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Posted: Aug 12th, 2012, 09:16
by sjampansee
Ok i specifically made this thread to help out a fellow bloodite (Meleemario). He wanted to find to find the secret super mario (3) level in the DooM 2 Total conversion: The Ultimate Torment and Torture. And since we all love easter eggs in our games i think you guys would love to know it too. Here is the step by step description:

First off for people that want to try out the mod its downloadable from ... 9&Itemid=1

You might need a modern port like zdoom (gzdoom) or zandronum, but i wont go into that, we are here to help our friend Meleemario :)

The screenshots dont fit into the forum and i didnt bothered to resize it but still its clear enough so i kept it that way:

10 Babysteps:

1. Start in episode 2 called: Armory of Pain

2. Fight your way through the outside area until you come across a fortress, open the door with the switch and enter: Image

3. Kill some chaingun guys, and imps. Walk across the bridge over the lava and go right:

4. On the left side of the walkway you will see an entrance to a storage room go inside:

5. Inside you will have some tight fights with imps, implike black creatures, one hell knight and a pinky.

6. Check out the button on the wall on the left side which will open a previously closed off area NO NEED TO PUSH IT

7. Instead look to the opposite (right) side and see some crates and a plant of some sort behind it:

8. Walk behind those crates and you will see a cross like button push that one!

9. Almost done! Backtrack to the open (outside) area and in the rocks in front of you, there it is!

10. Approach the green pipe that will bring you into the SECRET MARIO (3) LEVEL! Enjoy!


Posted: Aug 12th, 2012, 19:13
by MoonStalkeR
One of my favorite wads. Epic level design, good variety of custom monsters, replay value. Truly what I call a modern Doom sequel.

You get rewarded with an overpowered flamethrower 8)


Posted: Aug 13th, 2012, 07:49
by meleemario
Sjampansee, thanks so much for doing this! You are the MAN!!!! But yes, Ultimate Torment & Torture is absolutely amazing.

I did indeed get to check out the secret Mario level, needless to say, I loved it! It was such a neat little diversion! To be honest, I would love to see a Megawad full of environments like that.

Anyway, thanks again for doing this Sjampansee, it really means a lot! :D