Help me pick a game title

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Help me pick a game title

Post by Noctem » Nov 10th, 2010, 18:26

Hello again.
Trying to name my Blood-based roguelike.

For several reasons I don't want to call it Blood-RL.
It's restrictive (I might not want it to be only a genre-conversion of Blood). And there's also the threat of a C&D-letter.

Some suggestions occured to me:
-Cult (sounds pure and elegant, but probably taken by several others)
-The Cult
-Tchernobog (sounds cool, but might be hard to remember/spell/pronounce)
-Cult of Tchernobog (acronym CoT sounds good)

I think the ideal title would be something that is dark and sinister, but also decent.
The title should either be short and striking, or long with a good acronym.

So if you have any ideas, please let me know.
Infra Arcana - a roguelike computer game inspired by Blood, the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, and B-horror movies.
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Re: Help me pick a game title

Post by RedFanatic » Nov 10th, 2010, 19:05

Bloody Hand - BH

Fall of The Cabal - FOTC or FOC

Ooo wait i've got it, use the Blood Cabal Language for a title!

Cruo {Formal for Blood}

The BloodLang for your perusal:

Domus Durbentia (Dark Wisdom)
The cultist language has two forms - colloquial - which is crass, sharp and terrifying and formal - which is a Latin-derivative, and even more terrifying. The cultist language is a strange combination of Latin and Sanskrit (really is, look it up!).



Nouns / adjectives:

Blood (formal) - cruo
To make bloody (colloquial) - cruonita
Bloodthirsty (colloquial) - cruonit
Bloodhungry (formal) - cruentu
Bloodshed (colloquial) - cruensseasrjit
Blood brother (formal)- crunatus
Believer (formal) - rudsceleratus
Believer (colloquial) - rud’minuox
Massacre (colloquial) - cruo-stragaraNa
Massacre (formal) - prayaNavita
Death (colloquial) - marana
Heaven (formal) - maravita
Blood heaven (formal) - pretiacruento
Order (formal) - vilomaxus
Blessed (formal) - pestis cruento
Curse (formal) cruento pestis
Home (formal) domus-bhaava
Light (formal) acerbus-shatruex
Enemies (formal) Shatruex
Dark (formal) domus
To make dark (formal) infuscomus
Unbeliever / Humanity (colloquial) malax
Unbeliever Humanity (formal) caecux
Foreigner (formal) infirmux
Living dead (formal) pretaanluxis
Spirit (formal) praaNsilenux
Spirit (colloquial) tuulenux
Shit (colloquial) exim’ha
Eat (colloquial) vorox
Drink (colloquial) bibox
Unquenchable (formal) quodpipax
World (formal) lokemundux
Weakling (colloquial) pallex
Pray (formal) profanuxes
Pray (colloquial) profanx
Hate (formal) invisuu
Hate (colloquial) invisux
Love (formal) odiosuu
Love (colloquial) odiosux
Gun (colloquial) vigra
Ecstasy/enlightenment (formal) cruento paashaeximus
Chaos (formal) shaantitus
Wisdom (formal) durbentia
Fresh (colloquial) crudux


To become (formal) bhuudesco
To become (colloquial) desco
To be (formal) bhuuesco
To be (colloquial) esco
To have, possess (formal) geropayati
To have, possess (colloquial) gero
To do, to inflict upon (formal) hatanoceo
To do, inflict upon (colloquial) hatanoceo
[color=red]Infuscomus Cruo Lokemundux[/color]

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Re: Help me pick a game title

Post by Panoptic Blur » Nov 12th, 2010, 18:49

Red Right Hand

It's also the name of a really cool Nick Cave song, well suited to Blood.
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