GHOST RIDER 2 (2011)

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Re: GHOST RIDER 2 (2011)

Post by Le Babe » Dec 2nd, 2010, 11:29

Spam ? Or new user ? :p

Welcome here if you're a new member.

Anyway, what was the point of that trailer, is it some kind of joke or something ?
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Re: GHOST RIDER 2 (2011)

Post by morhlis » Dec 9th, 2010, 03:59

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Re: GHOST RIDER 2 (2011)

Post by Umnir » Dec 9th, 2010, 13:55


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Re: GHOST RIDER 2 (2011)

Post by Dimebog » Dec 9th, 2010, 17:34

By the looks of it, a Hindu telemarketing office dude. Didn't know Hollywood used this kind of thing.

Suppose I should delete & ban.
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