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User Account and Posting Guidelines

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Section A: Terms for the use of The Postmortem site and its forums.

"We," "us," "our," and “the staff” refers to The Postmortem administration and moderation parties. "You," "user," and "your" refers to the individual or entity looking to participate in The Postmortem forum and the various comment sections found on the main site. "The Posty," "Posty" and "Postmortem" refer to The Postmortem site and its webpages, including the forum and comment sections found on the main site.

Section B: Postmortem mission statement.

Hello and welcome to The Postmortem! The Postmortem userbase is an online community dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Monolith Productions’ spectacular shooter from 1997, BLOOD and its less illustrious sequel, Blood 2: The Chosen.

While a healthy knowledge of Blood is encouraged in our userbase, it is not mandatory for participation on the site, as The Postmortem also maintains a healthy interest and wealth of knowledge in many various fields, with examples being photography, communications, electronics and art. Any discussion is welcome and do not be daunted if you have not yet had the chance to experience the game, or have never heard of it, for our objective is to continually bring new energy into our fold and we’d be delighted to help with your queries and hear any insights from your adventures in this magnificent title.

We take the community part of our objective seriously, and we at The Postmortem believe that maintaining a friendly, constructive and positive atmosphere on the forum is essential to our continued mission. As a result, we accept those from all walks who are looking to join our community in good faith.

More than ten years on, The Postmortem exists as the only remaining active Blood website on the Internet. It is our fervent hope to create a nexus of creative and positive energy in a Blood vein on this site, to eventually assemble all creative parties and accumulate all available Blood resources and knowledge in a single location. It is for these reasons that The Postmortem truly exists as the definitive Blood site.

Section C: User Rights

By agreeing, the user is granted the following rights:
  1. Total freedom of access to The Postmortem and its resources.
  2. Access to the forum and the capability to comment on news and site content.
  3. Freedom of expression afforded by few other sites on the Internet; the only speech limitation on The Postmortem is covered under the “User Obligations” section of this agreement.
  4. The right to submit maps to be uploaded on The Postmortem.
Please take very careful note of the following:

a. Each user or entity is permitted a single account on The Postmortem. If a user attempts to abuse the system and create multiple accounts, all the excessive accounts will be terminated at our discretion.

b. Usernames cannot be modified. Once a username has been selected, it is bound to your account. If you feel you have made a mistake in your username and/or you are an old user, feel free to contact the administration in this regard. Do not contact the administration about username changes if you change your mind or are unsure about your username.

c. Accounts cannot be deleted by the user. This is a feature of the forum software and we will only delete accounts in extreme cases. Do not register if you don’t want to contribute.

d. Posts allow only a seven day window in which to be edited upon having been submitted. Words have consequences, and retroactive editing only serves to confuse users and obfuscate older forum exchanges. Be sure to preview your post before deciding to submit it.

e. Posts offer a single day in which to be deleted. In order to prevent accidental double postings or other mishaps, a small window of time is offered in which to delete posts.

f. New users will have to have their first post approved by the administration. This is to ensure authenticity of users and to weed out bots and spammers. After your first post, you will be able to change your avatar and other settings.

The Postmortem continuously endeavours to encourage growth, productivity and prosperity amongst its userbase and in an effort to keep the site neat and streamlined, the administration will occasionally scan the memberlist and seek to rid it of inactive members and members created by automatic routines running on the Internet. Upon joining The Postmortem, create a single post to show your interest in participating on the site and to confirm that you are in fact human. If you do not post at least once it is highly probable that your account will be deleted sometime in the future! Even if your intent is purely to have an account and view the Postmortem as a spectator (lurker), post at least once to indicate this. The full community resources and site content is primarily for contributing users, so we discourage lurkers from abusing the system for their personal gain.

Section D: User Obligations

By agreeing, you agree to follow the underlying rules, henceforth known as the guidelines for posting:
  1. Our rule cast in stone is that thou shalt not slander Blood. A critical assessment of various Blood content measured against its own kind is fine, such as comparing user or retail maps, but any disparaging or deliberate attacks on Blood and its mythos are strongly discouraged and any such sentiment is not covered under The Postmortem’s free speech policy. There is an entire Internet out there on which to practice stupidity and heresy. Such sentiment is neither welcome, nor will it be tolerated here.
  2. There will be no posting of spam, referral links, advertising links, illegal content, viruses or any other third party content that can interfere with or disrupt the experience of other Postmortem members. If you wish to advertise something and are not sure whether it falls under the guidelines of the Postmortem jurisdiction, please contact a moderator to assist you. Use discretion in judging which links are beneficial or entertaining to The Postmortem community and which are not.
  3. You will practice civility in your dealings on The Postmortem. Common courtesy is encouraged and personal attacks and discriminatory posts are are forbidden. Any prolonged disagreements of a personal nature are to be handled in personal messages or the “Garbage Bin” section of the Postmortem (the title of which is subject to change) and can be found under General Discussion (“Spare parts”). If you are continually harassed by a user on the forum, please contact the moderation team.
  4. In an effort to foster harmony on this site, users are asked to abstain from actions or words deemed deleterious to the site and the community as a whole. Carrying an attitude that has a negative impact on the community is disingenuous to the objectives of The Postmortem and is, as such, strongly dissuaded.
  5. Content deemed unsafe for work is not forbidden. However, such content falls under the topic relevance clause (see rule 7). If you feel compelled to paste something that is unsafe for a work environment, please provide a notification in the beginning of your post. The spoiler tags are also available for use. Blood is regarded as a mature game and we trust that all of our userbase will not be perturbed by content of this nature.
  6. Any discussion of a controversial nature is to be restricted to specific threads, or the “Garbage Bin” section of The Postmortem, found under General Discussion (“Spare Parts”).
  7. Veering off-topic in threads is discouraged. Frivolity is fine, but disruption is forbidden. Respect the original intent of the thread. This restraint is to be more strictly practiced in the Blood section of the forum. If the off-topic content is interesting, feel free to create a new thread centred around the subject.
  8. Don’t allow moderation decisions and interventions to become the subject of the threads in which they occur.
  9. Female members are to be treated with due respect. While it is taken as granted that the Internet affords a degree of anonymity to the user, we expect every Postmortem member to behave as a gentleman. Female members are few and far between, and any unwarranted churlishness towards these members is prohibited.
  10. Profanity is permitted to a limit. Please refrain from creating posts in which the purpose of the post is the profanity in itself.
Continued and repeated offences will result in account suspension, or in severe circumstances, termination.

Section E: Our Rights

Ensure that you fully understand the rights of the administration before you agree to join The Postmortem.

The administration of The Postmortem has the following rights:
  1. We reserve the right to alter, delete, or otherwise modify your posts without prior warning if they are found to be in violation of the rules found under the User Obligations section.
  2. We reserve the right to alter, delete, or otherwise modify your avatar and signature if they are found to not be in agreement with the visual style that we are aiming for on The Postmortem.
  3. Older threads of insufficient interest from the community and not pertaining to Blood may be deleted without warning so as to ensure clarity and reduce clutter on the forum. This will only occur if the last post in the thread is several months old and the thread is found to not be contributing to the forum or community.
  4. Any content written or posted to The Postmortem may be used by us to feature on our site without specific permission from the author.
  5. The administration reserves the right to terminate, with or without warning, member accounts if repeated violations of the User Obligations under section D occur.
  6. The decisions of the Postmortem administration are final and not to be contested. The word of the Postmortem administration is law.
The views expressed by the administrators and/or moderation staff are solely those of the author/speaker and do not reflect the views of The Postmortem as a whole, its interests, or its objectives, unless otherwise specified.

Section F: Liability

In no event shall we be liable for any indirect, body, incidental, physical, fire, special, psychological, spirit, punitive or consequential damages, or damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or data use, incurred by you or any third party, whether in an action in contract or tort, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Section G: Entire Agreement

By agreeing and creating a user account, you hereby agree to fully understanding the extent of the powers granted to The Postmortem administration, their exercise of said powers and to adhere to the User Obligations as described in section D. You also agree to understanding that this agreement may be modified by the administration at any time and without notice. In agreeing, you agree to agree that this document in totality is agreeable and we agree that your agreeing is agreeable and that we have come to an agreement.