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Post by Daedalus » Jan 24th, 2010, 01:42

Greetings, Postmortem faithful.

As you know, I laid it upon our more active and historical members, with the exception of Kurt, to determine the fate of Corbin and his team. In this voting, out of eleven:

- 1 person agreed that Corbin should be allowed to continue in the present manner and advertise HT.
- 1 person voted that Corbin and his team should be allowed to remain, but all HT advertising should be buried.
- 6 people chose to have Corbin, his team and his project permanently exiled from the Postmortem.
- 1 person voluntarily abstained.
- 2 people abstained through either inaction or non-participation.

The people have spoken and the people are the Postmortem. Corbin and his team, as well as those seeking to promote Hypertension's ideology here, are banished forthwith from the Postmortem for all time.

So it is spoken. So let it be done.
Kazashi wrote:Daedalus, I don't care how much you know about Blood, your attitude has to change.
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