Crash when i run Blood 2 - The Nightmares Levels

Discussion about Blood II and its addons.
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Post by cornel001 » Apr 25th, 2009, 19:26

I'm having the same error when trying running blood 2 (2.1) or the addon under vista . I found the resolution is involved. It dosnt like the 1280x1024 but runs under 1280x960. It may have to do with the drivers (GF 7300GT DDR3). If anyone run this succesfully at 1280x1204 under vista with a GF card, pleae let me know your video driver version.

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Post by Zinglon » Sep 15th, 2009, 14:17

Maybe im too late. But i recently got both blood 2 and its nightmares addon to work perfectly under vista. I got the same mfc client crash after i installed the music patch for xp/vista, after reinstalling the game (without the music patch) and running the client.exe in win95 compatibility mode everything worked perfect even the crashes, sound skipping even detected my weird 1440x900 resolution. But i have an ATI radeon card so im not sure if this will work with a Geforce one. :(

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