Non-playing intro and disappearing menu

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Non-playing intro and disappearing menu

Post by Shaggy » Jan 16th, 2005, 16:42

that's it. what in subject: when intro is running i see only some first frames of it, while music&sound goes nicely. skipping first intro (a monolith one, i assume) does change music&sound. screen stays still.

so i'm skipping it and then game shows it's loading screen. After a while menu appears, but only for a split second. on screen remains only my blood 2 version number: "V2.1.233" ...

any ideas how to solve that problems?

I have winxp. geforce 5700. set display settings on:
renderer: lithtech direct3d renderer (
displays: main display driver (? translating from polish)
resolution: 1024x768x16

everything's all right in software renderer but the game looks... hmm... not i like to have the game look.

something more needed?
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Post by Jethro » Jan 16th, 2005, 20:46

Please refer to ... .php?t=228, your problem was discussed there
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Post by Daedolon » Jan 17th, 2005, 13:27

Ali Ejaz wrote:Alright Blood fans this is how to run Blood 2 with no problems at all on xp or other windows

Go into the your Blood 2 folder and click on the file called autoexec.cfg it will be a notepad file go into it and type anywhere on the left handside "MaxFps" "30"

Now if you don't wana type it in everytime you play blood 2 also do the same to the defaults file in the folder

now click on blood 2 and you know that box comes up with different options click on Advanced and tick these options
Disable directX 6 commands
Enable optimized Surfaces
Enable poly gap fixing (slower)
Enable triple buffering
and tick Always specify these command-line parameters just to be on the safe side but don't type anything in the command-Line box

Now turn on blood 2 and bring up the console by pressing ' after about a maximum of 5 seconds or more the screen should flash turn the console off and the menu doesn't flicker and blood 2 will be absoutely fine you have to do this everytime when you launch blood 2 you don't have to do it when you go on the next level i mean turning on the console but it's only for 2 seconds
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