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TrueColor Blood II

Post by Status Cruo » Oct 3rd, 2014, 03:37

Is it me or 16-Bit color banding is not actually visible with Intel GMA X4500's?

I just happen to have an older computer lying around with a G41-powered mobo and I can't, for the love of me, see them banding artifacts any more no matter what.

It looks as it were truly bypassing D3D.REN's call to downsampling 24-bit filtered textures.

If you're wondering what exactly I'm talking about (and you might if you never played Blood 2 on contemporary hardware) look at the attached picture:

Upper Left: the original 8-Bit texture.
Upper Right: the original 8-Bit texture, bilinearly-filtered with 24-Bit color precision.
Lower Left: the 24-Bit, bilinearly-filtered version downsampled to 16-Bit color (most legacy video cards)
Lower Right: the 24-Bit, bilinearly-filtered version downsampled to 16-Bit color (some VooDoo cards)

I'm getting exactly the "Upper Right" kind of image on this computer, while I still get the "Lower Left" kind of image with my trusty GF6.

Maybe this is commonplace today and I'm making too much of a deal about it, but honestly, I never had Blood 2 look this good before.

The downside, it's not worth the switch because of the amount and severity of glitches that this piece of junk video adapter introduces.

Can anyone confirm?
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