Making Blood 2's story better

Discussion about Blood II and its addons.
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Making Blood 2's story better

Post by Blood of Nightmares » Jun 23rd, 2013, 17:50

Is there a way to improve the storyline of Blood 2? Well as much I hate to link to this Transfusion thread but I did spot a interesting post...
dosgamer000 wrote:Ah, Dying Times was a good fic; I liked the part were Caleb was thinking about Ophelia's stealth tactics in the warehouse IIRC. Yeah, I heard about GT's pushing of that game out the door which caused alot of stuff to not make it. Our favorite white haired CEO Gideon has alot of unused quotes in the REZ file which could of easily played during his boss fights (heck, they could've even made a Bloodbath character too.) Just Gideon as a character could of had so much depth and character development in Blood 2, he already contrasts pretty well with Caleb:

- Gideon's for the Cabal, Caleb's against.
- Gideon wears white, Caleb wears black.
- Gideon portrays himself as intelligent/sophisticated, Caleb is a bit of a ruffian with a foul tongue who loves to fight.
- Gideon prefers to manipulate underlings/subtlety to get the job done, Caleb is direct and let's the gun make his point.

You see where I'm going. Blood 2 is probably to me the ultimate "what could have been" game. I love B2 as it is but you could tell Monolith wanted to do/add more.

Seeing this post got me thinking especially this possible plot twist.

What if Caleb and Gideon were actually the same person but from different realities? I think it's possible that in one reality, Caleb accepted some Cabal "Born Again" ceremony to become Gideon (as in he changes his name and becomes a different person) to ascend some higher position in the Cabal (like a Arch Priest and such) while in one reality he did not and remained Caleb and became Chosen instead aka Tchernobog's "top lackey lieutenants" (leading up to Blood 1), which Gideon founds a City and under a corporation called "Cabalco" which is how he reorganizes the Cabal and such he pulls Caleb into his reality for the reason I'm about to say about my theory on Tchernobog.

Now one may ask, what happened to Tchernobog in Gideon's reality? Well it's actually possible that Tchernobog exists outside of space/time and doesn't need to exist at anyone's reality, which Caleb eventually became the 17th incarnation of Tchernobog which Caleb himself is now outside the boundaries of time/space (which is how can use his "One that Binds" ability) but Caleb's other past incarnation as Gideon did not and now he wants to be the 18th incarnation of Tchernobog which Caleb is lured to Gideon's reality perhaps and which is where the game starts.

...Actually it would turn out to be a subtle 'parody' of Bioshock Infinite's story sort of....

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Re: Making Blood 2's story better

Post by BEAST » Jul 10th, 2013, 05:28

I'd rather not snatch Bioshock Infinite's story and twist for the B2 story rewrite. :?

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