new BB map for b2? -your requests welcome.

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new BB map for b2? -your requests welcome.

Post by zZaRDoZz » Jan 15th, 2009, 03:07

OK, I have decided to put my Single Player map aside for now and have commenced work on a Multiplayer 'Blood 2' map instead.

I have had to make this change of direction for various reasons, the most important is the time necessary to complete a fully featured Single Player map. I expect that the MP map will be finished by the end of next week. So at the very least you will have something new to frag around in for good olde 'Blood 2'.

The map will be called 'BB_Faithless'. It is going to be built in bog standard CSG and will use the 'Cathedral' texture set from the retail game. Considering the restrictions of this method of construction, it will appear somewhat 'Quakish' in appearance and will feature neo-gothic architecture adorned with the obligatory spiked walls and deep pits of instant death. It is the kind of architecture that CSG easily lends itself to. I have other deadlines and pending projects that affect how much time I can allocate to this item, so MP it is.



1). Weapons in Multiplayer: This map will be small to medium sized and suitable for 2-4 Players. (I don't expect that there is a massive 'Blood 2' community out there so a large map would be senseless.) As I have never played the game in MP - and never finished the Single Player component - I need to know what kinds of weapons and how many of each I should include? What is recommended for a map that will feature 4 large rooms and connecting corridors? What weapons are just overkill for such a map? Oh, and ammo, health and armour pickups as well as anything else that would be a recommended inclusion?

2). Essential features: It is easy to miss out including essential features while building a map. For example, AvP2 maps require a StarlightView Object for each species for the various vision modes. If these 5 Objects aren't included in a Multiplayer map, the vision modes are all b0rked up. Another example - not setting the SkyPortal to NoWallWalk = TRUE can have the embarrassing result of Aliens crawling across the sky. That kind of dumb stuff. So, does 'Blood 2' have any pitfalls of that nature that the first map anyone makes should avoid?

3). Leak finding. Is there a tool in the editor for finding leaks?

Yes. I am still interested in getting nosnap to work in DEdit 1.0 for any later Projects I may make - I believe I am just a command line away from getting it working. It just won't be a feature of this map (Unless I find out before the end of next week.)

Thanks again. ... 5109#p5109

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