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Discussion of and directed to Jace Hall's Blood vision.
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About this forum

Post by Hendricks266 » Aug 6th, 2012, 08:24

This forum exists to keep discussion of Jace Hall's vision for the future of Blood in one organized location. The stickied thread is the main point of discussion. Due to an influx of posts that stray from the intent of the original topic, posts that simply express a sentiment or ask questions not related to development have been moved to a separate thread in this forum. Really nonconstructive, uninformed, and out-of-scope posts have been whisked away to a remote location.

From this point forwards let's try to keep in line with the many posts the moderators and administrators here at Posty have made to facilitate discussion and make new Blood developments the best they can be.

And finally, Jace, once again, a tremendous thank you for sharing your vision with Bloodites worldwide!

[One final note on the naming: On the Posty IRC channel, Blood of Nightmares / BoN / Boilerplate came up with the name "Jace Hall of Epiphany", which is a portmanteau of "Jace Hall" with "The Hall of the Epiphany".]