Split from Jace's Thread - Random Reactions and Offtopic

Discussion of and directed to Jace Hall's Blood vision.
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Split from Jace's Thread - Random Reactions and Offtopic

Post by Dimebog » Aug 2nd, 2012, 20:43

We will be moving offtopic posts away from Jace's thread whenever possible so that people can continue discussing what they wish right here without derailing the original thread.
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Split from Jace's Thread - Random Reactions and Offtopic

Post by Fuzzyfireball » Aug 3rd, 2012, 03:05

Sup Jace.
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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by LaCr0 » Aug 3rd, 2012, 13:18

Great Idea!
Blood is one of my fav FPS of all time! I love exactly this type of style. The funny quotes and easter eggs in a gothic horror scene. I think the aiming needs improvement (full mouse suport), more multiplayer modes/maps, coop support... Its hard to remake a game that is almost perfect...

Thanks for bringing back the old memories and your time to make this awesome!

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by cosmicdan » Aug 3rd, 2012, 16:26

Saw the news on Facebook and just registered to show my support and interest, incredible news here.

Blood will live... agaaaiiiiin.....

Greetings from Australia :) Just an oldschool PC game fan here showing my pant-wetting excitement.... Loving the idea of an open-sourceport. If you haven't already, maybe you could get in contact with JonoF (jonof.id.au)? I think he was (one of) the first to port the Duke engine to Win32. If he's no longer in action, there are many other experienced porters/devs like ProASM. Though it's been a while since I've followed the Build-FPS scene.


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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by Panoptic Blur » Aug 4th, 2012, 01:16

I have a question for Jace - there's been some speculation that the fourth chapter of the core game ("Dead Reckoning") may have suffered from time constraints and design deadlines, resulting in a chapter that wasn't as polished as it was intended to be.

Was this the case, in your recollection? Would a "repolished" fourth chapter, done by fans with access to the source code, be a possibility on the cards?
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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by jbailey8 » Aug 4th, 2012, 22:35

Good news! I hope blood will be getting new enhancements, in regards to the source code, I hope you will
reconsider about not releasing it, I would love to get a look at it, if you have the option of making this
open-source, please do so...

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by Baron_Samedi » Aug 5th, 2012, 00:52

Jace, here's the thing about Source-Code releases, I hope you bear this in mind: You really don't have to do anything but release a stable version.

This might not be news to you, but I'm going to try to introduce you to something interesting.


This guy right here was working on a Blood Source-Port based on closed code and he was doing a fine job even though he didn't have all that much time to do everything, even assisted by others. He put it on hold just for you, he is waiting to see what you do with the Source-Code, and he will work on his own version of Blood even if you don't release it.

This shows how much effort and level of programming Blood fans have. We can work on it and fix Blood to a point where it could sell to people of today with GoG offers at minimal, Source-Code release would fasten Lucius's work and we could get everyone together to work on a single Source-Port, the Source-Port you imagine can be easier than you may imagine to create, we just need help, actual help.

I'm a member of a Spanish fansite myself and I've never given up on Source-Code finds, I would like to see it released along with my fellow Spaniards, every kind of people would like to play a modified or vanilla version of Blood that can be perfectly played online, with friends or new people, in addition to offline. We've all been playing boring stuff like Doom's ZBlood, a mod that can be played with famous online Doom port Skulltag, in hopes to satisfy our needs even if we played it million times and it doesn't feel or play the same way as the original(as in really mediocre gameplay), but more importantly it's really hard to play the original online, specially because most PCs and OS need a downgrade to DOS environment to actually run it normally. we also had ALL kinds of vaporware mods and conversions based on Blood which never came out of the basics.
It's, you know, a much needed upgrade that we've all been waiting for.

It is very important that you contact or get access to release the Source-code of Blood, it's a timeless classic that deserves a much needed re-interest, specially online, you know what we want, you said it yourself and you probably know how to get it.

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by Wookiestick » Aug 5th, 2012, 01:19

Oh hell yes!
For real, back in my high school days I used to play this game on T.E.N. and over direct dial up connections along with Quake (via PCanywhere software) and Duke Nukem 3d.
The first Blood is one of the most underrated PC shooters. It came out during an explosion of "me too" games that wanted to cash in on the popularity of the first person shooter craze that Wolf3D, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Quake had paved. Had it come out a year earlier I think it would have done better (it came out 6 months before Quake 2). What it lacked in cutting edge tech with design changes to polygonal 3D, it completely made up for in personality.
It was gory as all shit, it was fun to play, had funny catch phrases injected with pop culture references, many moments of extreme excellence in level design, it was a BLAST in coop, fun deathmatch (blood bath). Critics derived that was much too much like Duke3d but I disagree.
If this post is genuinely by Jason Hall I for one am totally hoping this happens, or at the very least somehow release the source code for the community to add. I am also willing to help wherever I can.

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Split from Jace's Thread - Random Reactions and Offtopic

Post by Asphyxium » Aug 5th, 2012, 16:36

Sounds good to me! You know, I used to be a beta tester way back when. I actually had two ideas of mine get implemented!

The first was to have all the blood that flies splatter on the ground. It unfortunately got removed due to natural conflict of its appearance with the same animation over multiple spots in a row (I assume) with the arterial sprays.

The second was to be able to kick around the decapitated heads!!! I swear to god! Me and some programmer are totally responsible for that! :D

I'm actually playing the Blood demo right now. I want to see if I can figure out a way (or a compromise most likely) to have at least some of the blood splatter on the ground.

Think of the game Primal Rage. In the Genesis version, there was blood. But it didn't splatter. It would just disappear into the ground.

In the arcade version, all that blood would splatter into these huge, awesome pools of blood!

Imagine Mortal Kombat 1 or 2 without the blood splatter animation. It just wouldn't be the same.

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by ItBurn » Aug 5th, 2012, 16:42

I've been dreaming of more Blood for years! I had to register.

It's a great idea to remake the game! It could get a lot of new people trying the game and it could raise the fan base enough in order to create a true sequel later. Here are a bunch of things that I think would help:

- You need better mouse support. Blood's autoaim is a little extreme on PC. This was due to most people using keyboards at the time. It would be better if you toned down the autoaim(removed). Especially vertically. You could still enable autoaim for the people who want to play with a controller.

- It would be better if you would entirely remake the levels in proper 3d, adding cosmetic details, but keeping the level design intact. Same thing for monsters, you'd need proper models. This is alot of work, but I don't think that console games are going to be that excited about sprites and the sector levels. I personally don't ask that much of you!

- The important thing is to keep the original game's physics, because THAT's what made it fun to play.

- I'm guessing you've thought about kickstarter? When can I start giving you money??

- Oh, and one day, we need a true AAA remake. But not a sequel, more like a re-imagining, but close to the original game. Same period, same story, same types of locations.

It's unclear to me what you're asking of us Jace. One thing's certain, a lot of people have been waiting for this for years. If you tell us what you need, I'll be sure to go into details for you!

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by RazTK » Aug 5th, 2012, 17:05

Soooooo... I think we need a KickStarter people. :)

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by Damien_Azreal » Aug 5th, 2012, 17:25

RazTK wrote:Soooooo... I think we need a KickStarter people. :)
Jace didn't say it was a matter of money.
Right now he's just seeing if there's a desire for him to work on such a project. And I think we've all shown him that there is.

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by RazTK » Aug 5th, 2012, 17:34

Damien_Azreal wrote:Jace didn't say it was a matter of money.
What? :>
JaceHall wrote:One thing to also know is that if I go ahead and attempt to bring Blood back, I will be the one actually paying the bill. It is certainly going to cost money to do this, and I will not likely be getting my money back. It will be all for the fun of it. Just something to know.
JaceHall wrote:if I make the decision to put the time, effort and money into it all and get the help and support of the community.

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by NoOne » Aug 5th, 2012, 17:44

Blood of Nightmares wrote:I have several suggestions:

-- Addon support for addons like Bloody Pulp Fiction, Deathwish , etc.

-- ZDoom/Eduke32 stlye modding support.

-- Software and Open GL options (like lighting effects and such).

-- Midi options (like choosing between soundblaster and General Midi)

-- Of course maybe somehow playing the CD music without the CD somehow (or maybe making the CD music recognizable in the source port).

We really need more modding support for long game life. Weapons, dudes, etc. Anyway if users create weapons or monsters like doom style - bad because crush game atmosphere, but if users create more something in Blood style thats good and useful. You agree?

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Re: Greetings to the Blood Community

Post by Alex2501 » Aug 5th, 2012, 18:31

Closed or open just bring back Blood! My body is ready.

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