White Shareware Box Prototype and Some Empty Talk

Discussion about Blood and its addons.
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Re: White Shareware Box Prototype and Some Empty Talk

Post by Krypto » Jun 6th, 2016, 18:11

It is admireable to see Jace still cares about this two decade old classic, contrary to it's mainstream reception and rarely do you see developers of 90's games resurface to express their desire to revive their previous work, unless they truly acknowledge it was a quintessentially crafted product of it's time worthy of a resurrection as Jace expresses here in accordance with it's remaining morsel of fans.

However while it is promising to see his continued wishes to revive Blood, I'm skeptical as to the chances of any fruitation as it is rather clear by this point that with the rights firmly being locked within the maws of Warner Bros such a possibility is the stuff of fantasy.

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