Blood Custom BB : Open For Buisness

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Blood Custom BB : Open For Buisness

Post by LaseR » Mar 27th, 2016, 15:37

Hello guys me and ocpjr had some time to make a cool bb map, we have been thinking about making this bb as well. I go as Dos Mplay Blood on Nysseeon Facebook, or most of you guys know me in the blood community as gunz,ShadowGunz, ShadowWolf. Bme knows me here, as hes helped me with some bb maps(bb_Egypt to recall). Me and jr have worked on a Fastfood level map for blood, which we thought would of been a great bb for blood but never existed, this map we made is called "Open For Buisness". Its still in development as we are working on some kinks, if you guys feel you have any ideas let us know. Ocpjr is amazing mapeditor & contributor for blood, even in these late days. Anywoos, the map should be out soon, i came out with the layout, and Jr did alot of programming to make this map really come out. Here a little preview of it , video i made playing it on dos box. ...
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