Believe it or Not....

Discussion about Blood and its addons.
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Blood of Nightmares
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Believe it or Not....

Post by Blood of Nightmares » Jan 15th, 2016, 00:04

Someone finally is creating a Accurate Blood weapons mod for ZDoom which was previously thought not possible...

Does this mean we'll eventually see a accurate Blood mod for ZDoom that would surpass ZBlood?


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Status Cruo
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Re: Believe it or Not....

Post by Status Cruo » Jan 16th, 2016, 16:41

Taking this at face value (I have not spent any time carefully comparing it against the real thing), it could very well happen. Now the question is, is there a Blood modification out there providing sufficient accuracy in other areas which would genuinely benefit from having this integrated into? Would it just be a glossier lipstick on the same pig?

Blood weapons for a regular Doom map with regular doom enemies look and feel quite miserable.

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