Steam/GOG Patch + Launcher

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Steam/GOG Patch + Launcher

Post by ssjlance » Oct 17th, 2015, 04:00

I made this a while back because I love the convenience of something like Steam and Good Old Games, but I hate them screwing up the release of one of my favorite games. It's been on the Steam forums a couple of weeks, but never made a post about it here. Just kind of assumed most people who frequent here are pretty handy with setting Blood up how they like it themselves. :twisted:

Thought about it while updating it today, figured I'd post it here for anyone interested. It adds a batch script based menu in DOSBox, fixed CD audio as high quality WAV files stored inside game.gog, mousewheel support, a special launcher for selecting maps/mods from BME's Map Pack 2014, and quite a few other tweaks and extras.

But, yeah. If anyone likes it, let me know what you think. I'm also open to suggestions for improvement, because I'm hardly a professional programmer; I just love Blood and love to have a project every now and again.

More information can be found on the ModDB page. Currently, it's up to 1.2 and I have it in three separate ZIP files (handy for people who just want CD audio or a launcher for BME's Map Pack and nothing else, upgrading, smaller downloads, etc.). Later tonight, I'll have the full version (which is an EXE installer) uploaded for anyone who prefers that.


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Re: Steam/GOG Patch + Launcher

Post by Hendricks266 » Oct 26th, 2015, 07:12

ssjlance wrote:fixed CD audio as high quality WAV files stored inside game.gog
I have a few improvements to contribute to this. For one, the CD audio tracks have no ripping log verifying that they were ripped from the CD properly. I can provide such a rip from my own Blood 1.0 disc. Two, the download size can be decreased if you encode the tracks as FLAC and decompress to WAV as part of the installation. Since it's possible to specify individual audio files in the .cue file (.inst here), you also don't need to distribute the data section of the disc image containing the MOVIES folder.

I can whip up a replacement package for this part in the days ahead.

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