Aerosol Can

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Aerosol Can

Post by DwayneA » Aug 23rd, 2015, 23:35

Hey I was wondering if anybody noticed these issues with the aerosol can weapon?

First of all, sometimes when you select the weapon, Caleb's cigarette lighter is already ready. Which means you don't see the animation for flicking it open like you always do when you select dynamite. Secondly, when he does do the animation of flicking the cigarette lighter open when you select Aerosol Can the animation is slightly longer than when you select TNT. Third, when you switch between dynamite and aerosol, the hand holding the cigarette lighter will momentarily become shades darker? Has anybody else noticed all these?

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Re: Aerosol Can

Post by Krypto » Aug 24th, 2015, 12:59

The first one is intentional and occurs if you switch from TNT to Aerosol which makes logical sense as why would you need to light the zippo again, the animation is longer but it looks cool that they didn't utilize the same one and I don't notice the third one.

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