Single Player Bloodbath

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Single Player Bloodbath

Post by Status Cruo » Jul 19th, 2015, 10:37

Just in case there's still some Bloodite out there who hasn't figured this out already, if you edit BLOOD.CFG and set "NumberPlayers" to "1", you'll be able to start a network game without having to wait for another player.

It goes without saying this is utterly useless except perhaps for troubleshooting and toying around with the Bloodbath features (namely menu options) that are otherwise unavailable for the single player campaigns.

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Re: Single Player Bloodbath

Post by Daedolon » Aug 18th, 2015, 08:24

You also could just open up BLOOD.INI and change the BloodBathOnly=1 to BloodBathOnly=0 or remove the line completely from the Episode 5 section:

Code: Select all

Title          = BloodBath
Map1   = bb1
Map2   = bb2
Map3   = bb3
Map4   = bb4
Map5   = bb5
Map6   = bb6
Map7   = bb7
Map8   = bb8
Map9   = DM1
Map10  = DM2
Map11  = DM3

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Re: Single Player Bloodbath

Post by Vince.Bloodworks » Aug 22nd, 2015, 22:07

I think we should add this info, too:
You can start Blood in multiplayer without waiting for another player by typing this

blood.exe /net0:1

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