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Discussion about Blood and its addons.
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Re: Blood Custom Sprites thread.

Post by Blood of Nightmares » Sep 8th, 2017, 06:13

This is a repost of the OP and other posts with spoiler tags since they no longer work anymore it seems and sadly it seems alot of the sprites posted back then did not survive.

Just in case for those who are curious what's behind them.
Blood of Nightmares wrote:
Jul 22nd, 2012, 05:12
Here is some custom Blood based sprites I found mainly from ZDoom forums:

Weapons/FPS hands
Image (source: ... 493544) Image (source: ... 492510)

Image Image Image Image (source: ... 429503)

Image (Source: ... 423538)

More weapons (and hand sprites) from ZDoom forums I found:

Image (source: Image (source: ... 553696)

Image Image (souce: ... 498892)

Image (source: ... 556439)
Image (source: ... 461198)


Image (source: ... 484622)

Image (source: ... 524129)

Image (source: ... 520892)


Image (source: ... 497933)

Image (source:

Image (source: ... 555152)

Image (source: ... 422944)

Image Image Image(source:

Image (source: ... 467249)

Image (source: ... 467198)

Image (source:

Image (source: ... 462884)

Image (source: ... 464613)
Image (source: ... 462952)

Yes these are Caleb's hands edited with sleeves/gloves as you probably seen above.

Image (source: ... 472912)

I believe this a zombiefied edit of Caleb's hand although I'm not very sure.

Image (source: ... 423553)

Image (source: ... 423554)

Image (source: ... 620977)

Also the Black Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun:

Image (source: ... 625523)

Also Caleb wielding a Pump Action Shotgun:

Image (source: ... 625892)

Also from the Weapons idea thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1140




Image Image
Image Image

Enemy Sprites:

Image Image
Misc Sprites:

Image (source: ... 626089)

Caleb riding a Motorcycle

Image (source: ... 411336)

Skull version called "Warhead"

Image based on this:

Image (source: ... 623515)
natsirT95 wrote:
Feb 4th, 2013, 16:19
Alex2501 wrote:Nice!
Blood of Nightmares wrote:Looks like we found our first potential Sprite Artist for doing future Blood mods/addons
if the source code ever get's released.
Well, if Blood XL is any good, then maybe it won't matter if we have the source or not :wink:

Also, I've decided to post the full set of that clipped Tommy Gun I made a while back:
Blood of Nightmares wrote:
Feb 18th, 2013, 22:04
Found more:

The Gothic Super Shotgun.

Image Source:


Source: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1844

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