Updates and Inquiries on this Playthrough of mine...

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Updates and Inquiries on this Playthrough of mine...

Post by Drakan » Jul 1st, 2012, 11:32

Greetings to all!

Overall, ever since the Aqueducts the playthrough recording has been much smoother and perhaps even more informative! With influence from other youtubers I watch (I'll post their names at the bottom) along with the fact that I became way more familiar with this map than I should of (I was at the fucking thing for 2 hours before I ever saw the exit!), I wound up relying on discussing the map and verbally as well as visually revealing where 4 out of the 5 secrets were located whilst discussing the ins and outs of the map. I actually find that this made far more bearable and better commmentary than the usual approach which was to try and conjure wise cracks as well as the occasional mutterings during the course of the gameplay. That usually never works because if one dies in the middle of the map without relying on mid-saving, the delivary of such commentary starts to feel less stellar each time. For the most part, such pointless quipping (if that's not a word, I'm making it so. ha) is visible during the first few maps of The Postmortem, but I'm not about to change that for at least I made the effort to find at least *most* of the secrets.

What will change, however, is Dead Reckoning. I've started taking the effort of fully "touring" maps for such games far more seriously. As a result, now the footage I previously recorded, whilst indeed was done on Well Done without saving, is no longer satisfying because I delibirately ignored any secrets I couldn't find. Sure, maybe my audience in general isn't going to worry all that much. They certainly didn't during the first three episodes. But recording and contributing to all the Blood playthroughs has felt most personal and profound to me because BLOOD means so much to me (and all of us, no doubt) on different levels.

There's nothing I can do for episodes 1-3. What's done is done and going back to redo them wouldn't bring back the same views and ratings I previously recorded. But as long as the opportunity to bring better quality gameplay for the upcoming episodes is there, so I shall provide accordingly. Sure, they won't be 100% perfect as some players post (bless their hard working hearts), But the proper effort to provide more justice for the game will hopefully provide a deeper impact on any possible viewers who may have yet need the influence to purchase such a magnificent game.

Only thing I need to improve on is stating my thoughts on each map at the end of a session on video. But that, I feel, is slowly improving.

What I do want to ask of the Posty for input is regards to Cryptic Passage. In all honesty, as much as I enjoyed the episode at the time, it bothered me plenty that there was no original music. All I ask here is wether it would be wise to leave it to play the midis "as is" or if picking out an original red book styled soundtrack would be of interest. I can guarantee that each track would be hand picked for each level, not just a random "oh, this goes with this level just fine, lolz". I'll likely play each level casually to become moreso familiar with it before recording. While I'm at this subject... for whatever reason, Cryptic Passage won't start up! It opens the GOG box before hand then just shuts off. I'm hoping a re-install will suffice as I WAS able to play it on the same computer at the time.

So... yeah. There'll be some time of delay, but I want each episode to play back to back and with meaning. The end result will be worth the wait whilst I post other nonsense.

The youtubers in question are as follows...

AltimaMantoid - If there was ever a damn good let's player with deep gameplay and informative and entertaining commentary, it's this guy hands down. I watched his entire Plutonia Experiment walkthrough and dear fucking lord he was a hoot to watch! Here's a sample of it in the map Well of Souls. In a nutshell, this is hands down the best way to commentate any classic FPS game.

Here's his channel:

Then, for the best in Wolfenstein mods, Balames87. Same style of commentary too.

Thank you for reading, my friends. Hopefully one day I can provide such possible playthroughs for some of the custom Blood campaigns one day. No promises, mind you, unless anyone could willingly help me get them running with the GOG version and provide a list of secrets for them.

Much love.
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