Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

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Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

Post by Blood of Nightmares » May 9th, 2012, 14:03
Most nostalgic gamers look back on Microsoft DOS with memories of simplistic times, playing Duke Nukem and Doom all day long. I have a different perspective on the whole DOS memory. When I was younger, I was scarred for life after playing the classic DOS game, BLOOD by MONOLITH. When I bought the game, I popped the diskette in my computer and ran it in DOS.

I got a used copy, but when I started I realized that the menu was a bit different than my friend's copy. In the background there was supposed to be a playthrough of episode 1 level 1, but instead there was a picture of man stabbed to death, you might expect this from a game with the name "BLOOD" but this wasn't even pixelated like the graphics processor, it was like looking into a mirror. The face was realistic with full color and high quality.

At that moment I tried pressing QUIT on the main menu, but I was stuck on NEW GAME. I was forced to press enter. I was given four chapters, but the names were corrupted as if I had a scratched diskette. I chose the first one on the list. I was given an ear piercing scream as I pressed enter. For a split second I got a picture of the game's protagonist, Caleb.

DOS then decided to crash on me. I took the diskette out of my computer and decided to find the person who sold me this to ask for a refund. From the return address on the package the diskette was in and went to the house, it was a three hour drive from my house but I finally made it. When I rang on the door bell I got no answer. I rang and knocked for around ten minutes until I finally looked into the window. The windows were tinted from the outside but I took my lighter and melted the tint off.

I could make out a dead corpse with a pitch fork jabbed into the chest and the entrails were lined up in the word "BURN" in the corner of my eye I saw something that looked like the protagonist of BLOOD running toward me with a winchester. I hopped the house's porch railing and got into my car. The Caleb impostor shot out the front windshield as I drove into the road.

I skidded in a 180 turn and rammed the Caleb impostor into the house. I got out of the car to see if he was dead. He wasn't, there was a trail of blood that lead into the house. I got the switchblade from my car and broke down the front door. He was in the room that the original owner of the game was killed so I ran at him and stabbed him, my knife pinned him to the wall as his face turned pale. As soon as I got home from the murder victim's house I snapped the diskette in half and threw it into my fire place, never to be haunted by that game again...

Thoughts on this?

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Re: Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

Post by Daedalus » May 9th, 2012, 15:31

I love the 'old haunted video games' theme which a certain branch of these carry, although this isn't a particularly good one.

Sadly, the writer lacks sufficient knowledge of Blood to make this convincing. Still, it's nice to see a little bit of Blood exposure, even if it's a little obscure.
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Re: Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

Post by Shadowman » May 13th, 2012, 01:42

Worst creepypasta ever.
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Re: Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

Post by Blood of Nightmares » Aug 15th, 2014, 17:08

Here's another Blood based creepypasta I found: ... _Nightmare
Have you guys heard of the game... Blood?

No don't answer that. I’m sure you haven't. Don’t get me wrong the game does exist just... considered abandonware. Heres a little history lesson for you, When 3D realm was celebrating their success for Duke Nukem 3D, they began 2 projects right afterwords. One was called Shadow Warrior, While the other was called Blood. The game was set to be released in 1996 right after most of the expansion packs for Duke. This was a ploy to continue its long line of success in their company by releasing different series using modified versions of the build engine. This modified version was to enable the use of more spirits while using more voxels in one screen at one time.

Nearing its completion, Monolith games bought Blood off 3D realms and competed it shortly after. Blood was released in June 20, 1997. However it was overshadowed but Id software. Blood had to compete with Quake 2 and Hexen 2 that used a more advanced engine for its time. Because of this, Blood was overlooked on many occasions. Monolith released an expansion pack known as Plasma while 3D realms released the second expansion pack known as cryptic passage. These didn’t help and ultimately the game was forgotten and lost. I’m dead serious, the source code for blood was never released to the public thus modding the game itself is considered impossible

I remember my father playing Duke Nukem 3D often growing up. I use to watch him plow through hordes of enemies using unique weapons and listening to the hilarious dialogue duke is known for. At the time i was 8 so most of my memory is rather fuzzy, Yet the game blood was something i remember most. this isn't a nostalgia trip in fact my father insisted that i never watch him, He said the game was to violent and gory, He said it might give me nightmares so i never really seen the game play. Thats all i remember...

Here sitting in my apartment, I finished my homework and decide it was time to relax a bit.So i listenend to music as i look through countless wads for Doom. Having doom on Steam i wanted to find one that would be fun to play. Until i came across a link for blood. Heres the link.

The game itself is fun and addicting to play, and after seeing how i can get it for free i decided to jump on it and give it a shot. No viruses, no malware. nothing. its a complete rip of the game and works just fine. Look into the link and give a shot for yourself. You might be asking... How is this creepy at all? Well... im getting to that.

I know this may sound like a cliche or misuse of blood but this game is exactly what the title says. There is a lot of it, and sometimes exaggerated. Its something for you to take a look at and see for yourself otherwise this story would just sound like a B grade telling of an experience that most bad creepy stories tell oftenly.

After several months playing Blood and beating it over and over, I looked into the history of the game and wondered why this isn't really known to the people. How can this forgotten relic disappeared from gamers all around. Duke was an amazing game and this would've top 3D realms charts. in fact i believe that Blood would of dethroned the king from his chair if it was known. After hours of research and reading what little i could find on the game itself, it was time to call it a day. I left my computer on overnight so that the virus scan can do its thing while i slept.

The next day i noticed my Crome was up and minimized already. On a site that i don't remember visiting last night. It was wikia page with a link in it. however the wikia didn't have any information on it. It just said “Blood” for its header and just missing text. just the link. At first i was reluctant to click on this link and just passed it off as misconnection from my IP. therefore dismissed it. so i closed the window trying not to think about it. Just wished i did forget about it. during class that link was just on my mind, i couldn't for the life of me get it out of my head. I knew if i clicked on it something weird or something just retarded might happen if i did. But curiosity got the better of me. I opened the history page and opened that same page that link was on and just like before the wikia page was void of information. just the link...

So i did what anyone would do. Click the link which just refreshed the page and populated the wikia with information about Blood with another link containing a modified version of the game. Red flags flew into my mind, The source code was never released so how can a mod exist? so i closed the window and just said fuck it. about 5 mins later my computer detected a virus and kinda freaked out a bit. took some time to clear up the mess that link gave me but i was able to contain it just fine... but... on my desktop was a rar folder with the modded version of Blood...somehow it downloaded itself and self installed to the game folder in my C drive.

I sat there looking at the folder. the game... and how this happened. I scanned the rar folder to see if this was just another virus and it came back negative. With a sigh i decided to try it after all. its here and apparently here to stay. The mod was called “Blood, The nightmare” and in its readme it said that it contained 7 new levels and one hidden exit. “Try to find me”.. Try to find me? what does that mean i thought to myself.

once started i found myself in a office building, Rather well done and difficult too. i shotgunned my way through hordes of enemies. blowing them apart with tnt all while trying survive this onslaught. as hard as this was, this was considered to be a very good mod. Well... i cant exactly say it was a mod more like an expansion with new levels for the game didnt really add anything new.. at least thats what i thought

I finished Nightmare with some trouble but i never did find the secret exit. so again i play to look for it. checking all corners and crates. looking at all desks and walls that look off or discolored to indicated that there might be a secret behind it. until on the 5th level behind a bookshelf there was a door that led to a secret. which held the exit marker. after completing the stage. it took some time for the game to load. i was thrusted into a muddy unfinished level filled with garbage and gargled pixels and voxels. It was difficult to tell if i was: Falling, Standing still, or moving. the only indicator i had was seeing my weapon move side to side when i walked but how the stage was made it looked as if i wasn't really progressing at all. after a few minutes of what i think was walking, i heard “Welcome” then i just died.. one hit one kill. don't even know what hit me. So i started again and placed in the same stage again, to once again hear “Welcome” to die in the same manor as i did before. This went on for about 3 loops before Dosbox crashed due to low memory

I started the game again to just skip that secret all together but the title screen changed. took me off guard and kinda caused me to look in confusion. The gargoyle that sits in front of the title with “blood” underneath it now is animated. looks the same but now it just said “Nightmare.” All of the options were working and a new episode was added. though a bit on the non crative side it just said.. Blood as the episode.

I appeared in the same room you start the game on episode one level one. but the walls this time showed pictures of real violence. not just still pictured but animated one. If you shot or stabbed the wall. some blood would spurt out. or if just waited long enough you saw it anyway. There was a child who was beaten to death. A man cutting his own fingers off with a knife. Some pictures with cannibalism and it just got worse as i progressed. The monsters acted normally but said nothing when they activated. not only that but they moved faster. just there was one problem. there was only one difficulty and that was the on the hardiest setting. So needless to say. this was relentless to get by

but just like anyone would i died. When i came back i noticed that the monsters i did kill stay dead. just... i also saw my dead body there too and every time i died and came back. i saw where i last died at. it seemed that this disgusting remaking of the first episode was just redone in a sick way. the further i went the harder it was and soon enough my body littered the levels everywhere. eventually Dos box crashed due to low memory.

i sat for a while thinking to myself about this. i wasn't scared but genuinely creeped out and disgusted but i wanted to see the ending of this so called “mod.” so i booted the game again. the gargoyle was absent from the title screen, instead an option came up. Continue. i was spawned in the same room of episode one level one with the textures back to normal, when i jumped out of the grave i noticed my body laying in front of me. all of the secret items were missing along with weapons. all i had was the pitchfork. i found more of my bodies laying on the ground. more and more and more littering the area. the monsters that were there are now completely static and turning their view away from me even when i circled them they kept looking the opposite direction. they could be killed but just wont attack.

When i reached the end of the stage there where countless bodies of myself, the game didn't let me go to the next level. Instead i lost control of my character. it turned around and watched the dead bodies stand up again. slowly...then approaching. I watched the game try to defend itself and try to get away from... itself... it said nothing at all but stabbed as much as it could while attempting to run away. i heard him wheezing and breathing hard as if genuine fear took over. i watched as more of the bodies rose and walked slowly to his location like how some of the monsters would trying to get to you. but with smarter AI. I watched as he struggled and tried to get away. i couldn't see what weapons they were using because how old the game was but i did notice that they were damaging my character. i watched as his health slowly drained until he died

I still wasn't in control. nor could i respawn. i just saw the camera point upward and look into the hundreds of people that looked like my character. then they all turned in one direction as if looking at something. The final boss of the game walked up and stood in front of me then swung his arm. the screen flashed red and spurts of gore flew upward.

i shut the game down and took a deep breath. had a cigarette to calm me down. I went back to the wiki site that had the link but suprise suprise the site does not exist anymore. I use to think that scary stories of supposed hunted games were just make believe... But now that i have had something happen to me that i can't exactly explain. its hard to think what's real and what's not anymore. After my smoke i rebooted blood again. Nightmare isn't there. in fact the rar folder and everything inside of it was missing but one text file.. it read. “you still didn't find me”

i deleted that and the folder. i'm not gonna look. its not worth my sanity. ill play the original game but not that.

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Re: Found a Blood Creepy Pasta

Post by CoraX_ BlooD_RaveN » Aug 17th, 2014, 18:02

Daedalus wrote:...Sadly, the writer lacks sufficient knowledge of Blood to make this convincing. Still, it's nice to see a little bit of Blood exposure, even if it's a little obscure.
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