Work Begun On LOI2 Remake

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Work Begun On LOI2 Remake

Post by DwayneA » May 1st, 2012, 08:57

For those of you who have played Scourge of Humanity, you'll be pleased to know that I've already started work on the sequel. As I said last year before I started work on part 1, I was going to do a complete remake and reimagining of the whole LOI trilogy.

Since the original part 2 was seen by many as the weakest entry in the trilogy due to its shorter length, part 2 will definately get a remake and become bigger and better than the original part 2. Like Part 1, Part 2 will have improved level design quality, more new levels, improvements to the storyline, more new music tracks, etc.

And since I now know about lighting and implementing the difficulty system, I probably won't spend as long on part 2 as part 1, depending on the free time I have!

I'll let everyone know when I've updated my blog to reveal more information about the sequel. If you enjoyed part 1, you'll really love part 2!

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