Scourge of Humanity Reception

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Scourge of Humanity Reception

Post by DwayneA » Apr 22nd, 2012, 07:23

It's been a week since I released the long-awaited remake of part 1 in the LOI trilogy. I'm pleased with the results so far on both download pages, about one hundred in total. Of course, the downloads have been slowing down to a crawl now, so somehow I need to get the word out more. I've tried to submit to fileplanet, but I keep getting an error message. Maybe someone else could help me out on this. Where else could I submit the file?

By the way, I've noticed that Bloatoid's Death Wish mod has only been downloaded ten times on Blood Freeminded since it's release. Of course, I'm sure it's been downloaded a lot more on the Mod DB. While Scourge of Humanity was uploaded to addon's instead of mods.

So far, how is everybody enjoying the game? Was it an improvement over the original LOI1? How did you like the brand new sounds and music tracks? What did you think of the improved level design? The new levels? The improvements to the existing levels? The changes to the storyline? What was your favorite level? What part of the game did you like best? Least? Is it fun and exciting? How would you rate it overall? Was it worth the wait?

Remember that some parts of the game change depending on difficulty, such as locations of keys, numbers or items and enemies, and special effects.

By the way, you'll all be pleased to know that I'm already beginning work on a remake for part 2!

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