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How To: Better Midi Music with Bassmidi Driver

Posted: Aug 23rd, 2011, 23:48
by VGAce
Loads custom midi instuments and enhances all midi music (dosbox,music player...) over the standart Microsoft GM sound

Download and install :
Start configurator,add soundfont (.sf2 format) you wish to use
start dosbox select to use the bassmidi driver port for midi output and enjoy

Google for good soundfont if you dont have any
One of the biggest fonts (1GB) is ... ont3.0.php (register on forum for download password) very real sound or just look for a smaller one like a340.sf2 its up to you to find the soundfont you like the most
some fonts are compressed with sfark or sfpack use the same named programs to unpack them to use in bassmidi