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Re: Random quirks in Blood

Post by Nemo » Nov 7th, 2015, 05:59

One of the oddest things I ever experienced in Blood happened while playing Dwayne Anderson's Legend of the Iconoclast remake, "Scourge of Humanity". On a shipboard level in Episode 1, a Beast Cultist guards a thick metal key door.
Spoiler: show
(He was set up to ultimately drop the key needed to get IN that door.)
On sight, I blasted the cultist with the napalm launcher, slamming him into the closed door, then -- surprise, surprise! -- NO Beast appeared! :?

Using the cheat keys finally, I discovered that the Beast had actually materialized on the OTHER side of the key door. :shock:

And it has always kind of irked me that the Flesh Gargoyle and Stone Gargoyle (STATUES) are counted as un-killed enemies even if, by design, they're never activated. (Since they can never come to life, you can't "kill" them, but the final tally still includes them as "missed" enemies as a result.) :(

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