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Re: Resurrection

Post by Daedalus » Jan 23rd, 2014, 09:51

BEAST wrote:No one has talked in this thread since 2010. kurt's last update was September 22, 2013, where he announced that B2R is on hiatus. I've been a fan of the project since the beginning, and did some concept art that I wanted to show him but never got the chance or the means do to so.

I owe it to him to show him this one surviving art I did.


I know I misspelled "resurrection," but it I can't blot out the extra "s." This image was inspired a little bit by the original Blood 2 poster, which showed Gideon's eyes and that symbol on his head. As you see before you, is the dark city shown from a distance, surrounded by a protective wall in a gloomy desert wasteland with a river of blood coming out of it, with zombies lurking outside of it. The setting is like a cross between Half-Life 2 and Dark City. And, of course Caleb on the icy mountains, dressed in a modern leather trench coat and looking pale and gloomy. The sky is pitch black, but there's an enormous full moon with a bloody rim, and the stars are also blood red, and there's a lightning storm raging over the city. Sign of things going very awry in this grim metropolis. Still proud with the arrangement in this art piece.

Another concept I did was that of a frostbitten blue mummified hiker with an orange vest and no pants, a fork in one hand, and a spider on his groin (weird parasitic behavior). Another was that of a female cultist, but she wore a bright pink robe, which I am embarrassed about. The last was female zombie armed with two machetes. I threw them away because I didn't think they were good enough, but I kept this.

Here you are, old friend...
Looks like a CD cover, cool stuff. 8)
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