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Build ART Files Editor

Post by Krypto » Jul 31st, 2015, 09:07

Nifty new tool released a few days ago:

'Build ART Files Editor is my first program written on Java which have a good functions as 32bit png-image support. Uploaded 32bit image will automaticaly converted to choosed palette.

2. You can import a several ART files to one file at once
3. You can import a folder with 8bit *.bmp or 32bit *.png images at once and also export images from opened ART file with saving description.ini file with all information about tiles in ART for subsequent import after edit ini file. (as you can make it throught tga2art and art2tga)
4. BAFed supported Build palettes (dat), photoshop palettes (act) and Microsoft palettes (pal)
5. You can resize choosed tile at opened ART
6. For make animation you can choose last tile of animation with Ctrl + LMB, animation will be from choosed tile to last tile.
7. I made movable preview picture of choosed can see at all parts of the picture at 700% scale.' ... les-editor




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