[HELP] Blood Map v7 to v6

Discussion about editing and mapping for Blood.
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[HELP] Blood Map v7 to v6

Post by xBRYAN2000x » Mar 15th, 2015, 11:08

August 22, 2012: (by Elric)
Our RFF unpacker now has support for RFF format 1.48, used by the alpha version of Blood. You can find the source code and the Win32 BINARY of this new version (0.3 beta) in the ReBUILD snapshots, as usual.

November 21, 2010: (by Elric)
Our Blood-to-BUILD map conversion tool Blud2B has finally reached version 1.0. Aside from a lot of code cleaning, this new version adds support for the unencrypted Blood map format (6.3), used by BB9.
Blud2B source code and Win32 binary are part of the ReBUILD snapshots.

Blood used map format 7 on Retail versions while Blood Alpha/Beta/Shareware v0.99 uses 6.3 format
Any way to convert it back to format 6?

I've seen in alpha theres
CONVDB5.EXE - Converts Blood map v4 to v5
CONVDB6.EXE - Converts Blood map v5 to v6

Hopefully i,ll be able to run final blood maps on alpha/beta

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Re: [HELP] Blood Map v7 to v6

Post by Daedolon » Mar 23rd, 2015, 10:27

Retail maps aren't compatible with Alpha, but anyway:
Ken Silverman wrote:Due to a gap in my archives, I actually don't have any Build editors that are compatible with map version 5. (Version 5 only existed for about 3.5 months) I probably have a map version 6 editor somewhere, but I'd rather not release it because you can now download converters that let you take any Build map forwards in history from 4->5->6->7, or backwards from 7->6->5. Notice that there is no map version 5->4 converter. It is not an oversight. Write your own if you want it. Download here: CONVMAPS.ZIP (25,631 bytes, 04/25/2012, includes source code)

Code: Select all

Study this chart:
   EXE name, old map version -> new map version:
   >CONVMAP4 [map name(s)]         3 -> 4
   >CONVMAP5 [map name(s)]         4 -> 5
   >CONVMAP6 [map name(s)]         5 -> 6
   >CONVMAP7 [map name(s)]         6 -> 7
   >BACKMAP6 [map name(s)]         7 -> 6
   >BACKMAP5 [map name(s)]         6 -> 5
Source code included for all, have fun.

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