Enemy Respawn?

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Enemy Respawn?

Post by Krypto » Dec 14th, 2013, 21:34

Hello belated Posty!

So I was poking around on my much needed catch up of assorted Blood custom maps when I came across one known as 'Burger Queen' it perplexed me immediately because it assigned certain key enemies to respawn, this didn't extend to every beasty in the level but down to certain critical ones, for instance one Cultist placed by a Guns Akimbo and an assortment of Zombies outside on the road.

So was this some sort of Map editing trickery or is it a tag you can assign to enemies in the editor?

Also with regard to Little Calebs will they always explode out of mirrors if you have PP or does the mapper have to specify them to break out of the mirror?

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Re: Enemy Respawn?

Post by Daedalus » Dec 15th, 2013, 02:08

Greetings, my son.

Let it be known that there exist two ways to make monsters respawn in Blood. One is a flag assigned on a monster which will make it respawn after a certain amount of time and the other is an artifical method of doing so by creating an identical monster where the first once stood using a trigger.

For all intents and purposes, the first method is something which should really never be used in single player for obvious reasons, but it can be great fun in Bloodbath if you enjoy monsters creating a bit of mayhem for yourself and your opponents! In this way the monsters will appear again and the map will constantly seem fresh. However, this setting is in fact controlled by the game configuration itself and isn't something that need be manually set by the map's creator. To this end, the flag for respawning doesn't find a whole lot of use (nor should it!) and is likely a vestigial function.

The second method is a separate action which would make an identical enemy spawn in the same location. The advantages of this are far greater, as the map creator can set the action in motion whenever they please and with much more control. In the case of the little Calebs, this is just a piece of Blood's glorious excellence in motion, as the trope is purely artificial; the tiny Calebs are generated manually upon the destruction of a mirror and this is in no way determined by the editor as no such automation exists, Tchernobog bless Mapedit.

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