Bowels of the Earth Mine Cart

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Bowels of the Earth Mine Cart

Post by DwayneA » Aug 20th, 2011, 00:40

I've been studying the mine cart in the Bowel's of the Earth E2M7 in mapedit. In my current map, I've been trying to create doors that slide away while slowly rotating, similar to how the mine cart works. But I can't get it to work properly. Can someone help?

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Re: Bowels of the Earth Mine Cart

Post by Daedalus » Aug 20th, 2011, 00:52

We've a topic for this sort of question, but anyway.

Bowels of the Earth uses a classic rotate sector in order to create the effect. While this is effective and elaborate, a more controlled instance can be created through the use of a rotate marked sector. Apply the sector type and mark the doors for their respective (I imagine there are two) motion paths. I would recommend setting the default state to ON in order to have more control over the neatness of the design.

Good luck. Let this Dreamer know if you require additional clarification or have any other questions.
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