Star Wars Dark LX. A new hope.

Discussion about editing and mapping for Blood.
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Star Wars Dark LX. A new hope.

Post by Sir Seizhak » Feb 27th, 2011, 15:31

Hi PostMortem!

A friend sent me this blog. I can talk about it but Is better cite some excerpts:

DarkXL is a Hardware Accelerated remake of Dark Forces. It requires the original game data[...].The point of this project is to allow people to play Dark Forces in high resolution, on windows in either “classic” mode (no new features) or “extended” mode[...].I'm converting the Blood/Build structures to DarkXL structures on load and have made no changes to the engine yet – and I can load every single Blood map that comes with the game and they almost work. Yes some additions will have to be made to the engine, such as the Build style flat oriented sprites, but I expected that.

Here is the link: ... mas-bonus/ (some videos posted on YouTube)

In addition It will have 100% compatibility between Dark Forces map format and Blood map format.

There's no source code available for Blood but some people like see a better Blood in the future, and of course eliminate limitations. Hm, It would be possible a real Blood 3D?

Write your opinion!
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Re: Star Wars Dark LX. A new hope.

Post by Daedolon » Feb 27th, 2011, 15:58

There's already a thread about this here: