A warm-Blooded welcome to all our users.

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Re: A warm-Blooded welcome to all our users.

Post by Snehk » Mar 11th, 2015, 21:30

Greetings, and thanks for the warm-Blooded welcome!

Files from those sites would really help me enjoy Blood experience much more!

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Re: A warm-Blooded welcome to all our users.

Post by Krypto » Apr 13th, 2015, 13:40

Happy Birthday to Tekedon and the long, lost Callum Sanderson!

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Re: A warm-Blooded welcome to all our users.

Post by steelsong » Dec 21st, 2015, 01:37

Hello. I'm a new person to this site, my name is steelsong. I joined about 3 days ago, but I've been lurking for a couple of months, and found this forum to be pretty cool. I found this site through the Blood wiki when I started playing Blood a couple of months ago. I have always had a shareware copy of Blood for years, and I also have a GOG copy of the One Whole Unit Blood game which I've also had for a couple of years. My brother has played more of the game than I have, but I have recently started playing and I like it. I have played through all the episodes, except for the postmortem episode and the cryptic passage expansion pack, but I plan to play those sometime.

Since I'm introducing myself, I should probably tell you guys a few things about me. I like to play video games, usually role playing games. I also enjoy a variety of other genres like first-person shooters, strategy, action adventure, etc. I only play games for the pc as that is what I have grown up with. I also enjoy listening to industrial music like Nine Inch Nails. I think this forum is really cool and I hope to take part in the Bloodite community because I feel that a gem like Blood doesn't deserve to be forgotten. Thank you for reading and happy holidays.
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Re: A warm-Blooded welcome to all our users.

Post by Status Cruo » Dec 22nd, 2015, 02:04

Welcome aboard, Bloodite steelsong.

It sure is of great comfort to watch Blood continually drawing all men to Itself.

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