I've stepped into the past

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Re: I've stepped into the past

Post by Lawstiker » Nov 26th, 2011, 01:36

Hell, most of this is before my time as well. Its been an interesting trip honestly, dragging out all these archaic computers from the past and trying to piece all the individual parts together to see what still functions.
Umnir wrote:Nice stuff, but I'd like to see better light (outside?) with the pics, and post them with IMG tags instead of us having to click each link.
I wasn't using the flash function on them, so they did turn a little dark. I've got a second light that makes it seem like the light of heaven is in my kitchen so I'll turn that on with my next batch of pic.

my only problem with the img tag is the images come out a little big in the post and you have to end up right clicking the pic to see the whole thing. Could resize them smaller though.

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Re: I've stepped into the past

Post by Le Babe » Dec 1st, 2011, 16:53

Awesome pics dude, I don't even know how these things work. Keep those alive and you can open a museum in 30 years when almost all of these have vanished.

Thanks for sharing.
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