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Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 17:50
by NoOne
So, very ancient computer has got to hands:

Pentium S 120Mhz
RAM: 16 MB
Video: S3Trio (2MB)
HDD: Quantum FireballP AS20 (20 GB)

Last time joined in 2002 year, then it have cleaned somewhere in a crude premise. The power unit became wet, smells as a mold, and all "back" of the computer is covered by a thick layer of a rust (it was necessary to assort and scroll the fan manually that then worked).

Nevertheless I managed to prepare it for Blood.
Has inserted Wi-Fi antenn has bought USB slots, and as SB Live!, has install Windows 98 instead of 95 and has inserted СD-ROM.

Problem in that for game there is no memory (I didn't try to start, but just and it is necessary for Windows 16 MB) all works very slowly.

Memory is necessary type EDO (now there are two laths on 8 MB), motherboard: Chaintech 51GM. Somebody where such it is possible to get can advise? :oops:


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 18:00
by Daedalus
Advice, you say? Advice? Well, I'd promote buying several computers of this crappy nature and then buying a small shadowy shack at the edge of town. What you do is proceed to paint the shack full of Bloody murals in red and black, of course, and then set up the computers within, successfully connecting layers upon layers of these inexpensive toys together. You then market the place and attract all Bloodites from over the globe to have Bloody good fun via Bloodbath (or co-op!) in this place. Cover the walls with Blood posters and then paint all of the cases, hell, even the CRTs with Blood designs. You'd be the proud owner of the one true physical Blood nexus in the world and you'd draw pilgrims from across the globe to your spot. Eventually you could save up and convert the shack into an accurate Hall of Epiphany and then even lure the likes of BoN. Add an altar of stone to attract Hellen, coffee to attract Kurt, instructions on how to get Alone in the Dark working for Panoptic Blur, and a separate (but connected via LAN) pink room to attract Ella and you'd have a damn wonder on your hands, you would! I would gladly present myself for the inauguration ceremony, if you wish, and through these means you could serve the cause beyond repute and likely even gain television coverage for Blood.

Now that would be cool.


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 18:16
by Daedalus

I could then totally perform a rendition of Pestis Cruento for the opening ceremony, with Dime being the lead guitar, oBe on bass and maybe even Shadowman on the violin (or was that viola? Man, same shit, different stringhole). We could totally set up the lights to fade in and out just like that passage in Wrong Side of the Tracks - you know - the one leading to the entrapping whispery room? Yeah, awesome. With the correct design we could have a stage and everything. We could even set up a control room so that I could act as the voice during some of the tournaments we'd have. We could have a throne and everything. I'd totally wear Shao Kahn's armour and have Daedolon at the soundboard for it. We wouldn't even need to prepare food if you could successfully lure Hellen and Ella, hah! That'd be great! Umnir would sit there with beers and cigars and be like; 'wassup niggaz? Womens, bring feeding.' We could totally have Blood designs for the food and everything. Rat burgers, rotten candy, you name it! I hear Ella serves up a mean knuckle sandwich and I've been wanting to try one of those! Then we could all just get drunk on mirth and Bloody goodness and eventually get round to those damn occult orgies at last. Not with the food included, of course, that grosses me out a bit. We could totally perform a ritual sacrifice on Krypto, throw BoN in the sacrificial pit for good measure (if one can sacrifice the antichrist) and then just sex it up while the pulsating lighting shifts to a purple hue. An orgy of lust and blood and Blood.

Man, awesome.


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 18:22
by Umnir
Except that I don't smoke. Dime would be the one smoking, me drinking and we would be like "aight".


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 19:15
by Daedalus
Wait, wait, wait.

You could bring in bats. I'm not talking one or two of them, I mean you could just incorporate an entire colony of the things! It'd be batshit insane. We'd have bat ambience mixed with pulsating lights and all that food and stuff. With all Bloodites being assembled we could even have a meeting of the map makers and Bloatoid and I could do the secret mapper handshake whereby your hand performs a z-motion. Wangho would then be otherwise and try to drive the mapping discussion off-topic, but then we'd likely just add him to the sacrificial altar and then I'd later use his skull to house my mead. Later in the night I'd have been convinced by Umnir to share his drinks with him and I would gloriously howl with laughter at oBe's jokes and Dan's decision to dress up as a German barmaid as I smash my mug (Wangho's skull) against the table and assert authority. This vulgar display of power would not only impress the ladies, but it would also add to the ambience of the entire venture. When the final band performance is done (finishing with a touching rendition of Unholy Voices with a salsa flavour), the band members could all high-five each other, with oBe being an exception because he'd say he 'doesn't bend that way', but we'd be cool and be like; whatever, brah. Then oBe would toss some cheesy barb my way, saying how he joined the Transfusion forum before me and I'd check the Bloody fingers on my wristwatch and realise he's correct, but I'd probably rebuke him cruelly and he'd spend the evening crying in the bathroom. I should mention that the extra entrails from the corpses would likely even serve Moonstalker's dietary requirement, so there'd really be something for everyone. The festivities could go on for days, man, days, and we could all just be Bloodsoaked and everything else soaked after those orgies.

I can't wait.


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 19:34
by NoOne
At you fine sense of humour and imagination, and I am meanwhile seriously puzzled by extraction of this type of memory. Tomorrow I will try to descend in shop of old spare parts :)


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 20:53
by MoonStalkeR
Sounds like there will be no risk in staying now that I can count on real food being provided :D

Will pilgrimage to this holy Blood ground be a requirement for all Bloodites? Travel on foot might be necessary.


Posted: Sep 22nd, 2011, 21:33
by NoOne
The first player who will solve the confidential code hidden in maps upcoming BAITD3 will receive this computer by mail with installed and adjusted Blood in a gift, and as all available at me in a collection of an operating time, maps, additions and maps! :twisted: