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A blast from the past: The Monolith CD!

Posted 15. April, 2013 16:14 | by Daedolon

I was scouring Archive.org for a variety of Shareware CDs at my own leisure when I ran into something called The Monolith CD. This CD is a genre-breaking idea by the founding members of Monolith Productions, who wanted to compile a CD, aptly named MegaMedia™, filled with a variety of multimedia; music, games, images and videos surrounding a certain theme. The theme on this CD, unsurprisingly, is Monolith themselves. The CD and most of the content are dated 24th of February, 1995, so you know it's classic!

The CD is filled with games such as an Asteroids clone called Asteroid Miner and a virtual reality experience called DOSRage, few animations including their logo at that time as well as a really trippy experience called "Just a Dream". There's also a MOD tracker song! Most of which I've put online below if you don't want to download the full CD.

Here's one of the videos from the CDs, hanging with Monolith:

I've also uploaded the CD audio tracks, which contain music as well as some very interesting storytelling. Few of the tracks even use material later re-used for BLOOD's CD music, such as the human voices in Unholy Voices and Fate of the Damned. Extraordinary!

The audio tracks are available here along with few other things from the CD:


You can download the full CD from Archive.org here. Enjoy and keep spilling BLOOD!

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Blood only for $2.39 on GOG.com!

Posted 22. March, 2013 14:31 | by Daedolon

GOG.com has put Blood and Blood II: The Chosen yet on another 60% off sale.

If for any particular reason you still don't have the game, or if your friends are missing it, now is a good time to grab it!

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Server switch

Posted 21. November, 2012 17:31 | by Daedolon

Hey everyone. We've just changed servers and some of the content might be acting funky or otherwise not work. I'm working on setting up everything straight, but in the case I miss something, please contact us on the forums so I can fix any issues you might find.

UPDATE Feb 18: I've sorted out a lot of the issues on the site and you should be able to view all written content without trouble now.

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Blood 60% off on GOG.com!

Posted 21. September, 2012 14:51 | by Daedolon

Blood is yet once again available for an insanely cheap price over at GOG.com so if you still don't have it, go grab it or gift it to your friends!

Blood and other Atari classics are available for 60% off on GOG.com for the duration of the weekend:


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Blood 50% off on GOG.com!

Posted 17. August, 2012 14:21 | by Daedolon

If for some reason you don't yet own Blood, you can grab it at a measly $2.99. The sequel and few other games, including Duke Nukem 3D are also available on this flash sale.

Grab it while it's hot!

Browse to GOG.com's FPS Blast.

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Our extra crispy journey continues

Posted 11. August, 2012 01:09 | by Daedolon

This time we'll be taking a look at The Lumber Mill where threats are abound.

Have fun and remember to tune in next Saturday!

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